God Is Near

Christ began His ministry to us by saying to repent because the Kingdom of God is at hand. It is because God is near, that we should turn from our ways and seek Him. This should be our mission far before any other. We should strive to turn from looking at our world until God´s Kingdom is what we see. Any thought that pushes the importance of being right where God is a deadly threat to our souls. So often we refuse to think about it. So often we march ahead as if we had already reached the lofty height that God wants us to share with Him spiritually. This sentiment is an evil lie. Christ walked always with the Father. Just as He walked, so should we. Let us pray for sharper eyes so that we can see where and how to step closer to the Lord. Let us ask that our faith is increased until we are carried in Spirit to where we are with God and He is with us throughout our day.


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