Faith In Action

We are silly creatures. Even those who profess faith in God are often caught in a trap of speaking loudly about what we believe but then, lacking the conviction to step out on it. The secular person talks about their virtues or their political views but then fail to put their own interests down and do things to see that what they believe actually begins to happen. The Christian talks about love for God and walking in the footsteps of Christ, but then goes about chasing the worldly interests in the same way. It is time to pray for a change! We should ask the Lord for help in moving within us to the point of losing our own agendas. We should grow so in love with Christ, that He is what we see instead of our lives. We should be more concerned with what He thinks and what God wants than we ever are about what we want. We can surely do much for the Lord, but we will never even know what that is if we are so wrapped up in us. Let us pray for the kind of repentance that turns us from us and makes our Savior loom ever more fully into our day!


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