God Will Not Rest

God is infinite. That means that His nature and characteristics are infinite too. We have little or no reference to what infinite is outside of Him. We are so short-sighted that we imagine things to be only what our limited minds can bite off. But when we come to the throne of God to contemplate things bigger than our schooling or cerebral capacity, we will surely be undone. When we realize that God is bigger than our concept of Him we may earn new respect. One crucial point is that God is good! He is infinitely good! All that is bad will need to be correctly dealt with and that He is doing with infinite patience. But He has conveyed to us that this is exactly what He is working on. His work is to do away with evil, hatred, lies, and pain. He will do this correctly because He is good and only in a good Way can this be achieved. As long as man has walked the face of the earth, God has been intricately connected and invested in our eternal wellbeing. He will not rest now or tomorrow. His work is nearing completion. The sacrifice has already been made. We can count on Him to bring us to the good home with Him where bad exists no longer. The only question is, are we seeking to be with Him?


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