Still to Come

Many people get this crazy idea that there is little left to look forward to. They take an educated look at the scene around us and draw the worldly conclusion that this place is going downhill. Morally speaking they are right. But at the same time that our assessment of this tired world is correct, prophecy is also proving itself. Time is running out for this phase of God´s plan. But the best is still to come. God has much in store for those who still care enough about Him to want to be a part of His plans for the future. We have everything to look forward to. Our ears have not heard. Our eyes have not seen. Our minds cannot fathom what He is preparing for us. But we do know that it will far surpass all our imaginings. What is more, is that this means more than time. Heaven is where God is! God is without limits. So, Heaven is not just a place where life has no ends, but a place where we will be endlessly amazed because finally, we will be able to see God and be blow away forever as we witness His greatness, love, compassion, power, and wisdom! Lift up our hearts and let them join the heavenly hosts singing praises to the name of God!


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