Chosen and Faithful

A small family business once hired a man with no official experience and little qualification. As the years rolled by, other workers came and left. But he remained. Then, they hired his wife as well. The business faced trying times, economical struggles, and uncertainty. But they had chosen to take on the couple and the couple stuck with them through it all. It turned out eventually to be only the core family members and the married couple who were left working at the business. When our triumphant King will set up the Kingdom He has worked so hard and invested so much, will we be among those who have stood faithfully by Him.

Prophesy paints us pictures of the future where Christ puts an end to all misery and strife. God´s plan of salvation completes all that needed to be done to demonstrate God´s wisdom and care for His creation. All beings everywhere will see the Lord for who He is and will worship the King who defeated all that was wrong with our world. We have been told that there will be some people that were chosen to be there with Him. They remained faithful. We can be included in that select family. What do our hearts yearn for now? Will we choose to focus on our lives right now, or will we start living for that coming day?

Dear Lord,

Place within our hearts the desire to stand and walk with You! Make us faithful to You now so that You will be ours and we will be Yours when all is said and done, we pray!



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