The Waters

He said to me, “The waters which you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations, and languages.  Revelation 17:15  WEB

The sun was already setting over the beautiful lake as the couple walked along its banks. They were heading to a pizzeria in the next village. On a small peninsula of rocks, they found a group of Russian that worked for the same company that had brought them to this region of Italy. Then they saw a Spanish friend of theirs in amongst them. He had been in Italy only a short time and could not yet speak the language. But here he was surrounded by Russians who only spoke their language and a few words of Italian. They invited their friend to join them at the restaurant, and, to their surprise, he declined. He was having fun trying to communicate with his newfound friends. Have we ever contemplated what we get from those who surround us in our lives?

Prophecy has the tricky job of trying to help us see what is going on in spiritual and eternal realms. More than we know is pictured there in the pages of the Scripture and it will take a soul that is open to learning to get anything out of the experience. There is a sea of people around us, much talk, and powers at work, that will all influence us or entertain us in one way or the other. The heart that yearns for God and looks to be led by the Holy Spirit, can be taught. We have a part in us that can understand God and know Him if we want to. But there is the choice. Like any relationship, it will need to be cultivated, sought after, and cared for. But for the joy of knowing God personally, let us press on and ask the Lord to lead us on!

Dear Lord,

There is so much about You that we can learn. Please help us to be the kind of people who want to know You, we pray!



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