More Than Theory

Far too many people these days will not stand to speak of God, His Son, or the plan of our redemption. The sad part is, that even the ones who will let the conversation turn to God and pay Him some respect, will do so only on the level of theory. People hold their hearts far out of reach of the Lord as if still hiding in the Garden of Eden. We tend to feel more comfortable discussing doctrines and interpretations. All the while, we guard our hearts and do not let them ache for Him. We sense our need to be filled with the Spirit. But, we are too tied to our earthly lives to let go and feel for Him as the stricken believers did of old. Oh, if only we could hunger after the Lord! Oh, if only we would let ourselves thirst for Him and go after Him as if we needed Him near us now! Oh, if only we would leave the lesser forms of study and worship and press on with a desperate need,  that can only be filled by His presence! Oh, if only we would let our hearts seek to be so close to the Lord that His Spirit will finally fill us! Let´s pray that whatever theory we have today will drive us to seek Him until our lives radiate with the presence of the Lord!


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