Relationship With Christ

Some people have no clue how wonderful God is or how much He loves them and cares for them. But many have heard and it just hasn´t gotten through to them that they are invited to walk with the Lord through all their days. Some of these people are the same people that we know and admire for their commitment to the church. We can know our Bibles from back to front and still never have stood undone in front of His throne with our earthly reality shattered. But it is precisely this encounter with God that we should demand to have in our lives. It may take that extra time on our knees. It may take a few more tears. It may take a desire to see our Savior´s face and know that we are in His arms. It may be a struggle. We may have to beg, and plead, and pray harder all the time. But the soul who does come to the cross with their need to be filled with the Holy Spirit can and are filled. Christ is still the Savior of the lost. If we can become the ones who most need Him today, then He will not turn His back on us. The Lord loves to show Himself to the poor in spirit and open His arms to those who cry for Him!


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