Wrestling With God

During a Bible study group, the question was asked if good people can say that we fight with God. It seemed everyone was scared to outright say that we do. If we like to say we love God, we can probably relate to them. However, Jesus wrestled in the Garden. If we follow Him as we say we do, then we should expect some sort of struggle to. The conversation that followed showed that everyone present was wrestling in one way or another. We all are! It is not always a question of trying to get our way over God´s way. But we struggle to reach a point where He can touch us like He touched Jacob. It may be painful process. But, if we want to blessing that comes through our ordeal, then we cannot let go of our Savior. We need to reach the realization that our existence is all about Him. He is in control. His way is our only Way!

When we can stay with the Lord in our struggle, through our struggle, and come to that point where both He and we know that we will never let go of Him. Then we become, like Job, Jacob, Abraham, Paul, and the whole list of humanity that finally stopped trying to take things into their own hands. God will bless us. It has always been His intention. Most times He was carrying us, even while we struggled against Him, we just don´t always see it! Let us become focused in our struggle and turn ours into an effort to gain more of Him today!


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