Wining Heaven

Some people mistakenly think that a firm declaration of all that they say they believe will make sure that they get what they demand. But Heaven and our place near God do not work like that. That a firm conviction must be there and that there are many times we may need to stand up for what we believe in, is certainly a part of the Christian faith. But it in itself will not save us or make us look any better in God´s eyes. We might think it gets us somewhere with our peers. But this, too, is a snare. Heaven is not a game and if we want to get there, we must come to know the One who lives there. If we want Him to open His doors to strangers and let us just move in, we had better make sure that we are of the right caliber or we will be thrown right back out! God never chooses the proud or the self-sufficient. God looks for the humble worshippers who will not rest until their love for the Lord drives them into cultivating an intimate walk with Him. God is never impressed by the bold and assertive busy bee who tries to gain attention by the mighty work of their hands. He prefers to let His hand be seen as the only true power and works through the meek and the needy, always! Let´s make our chances of reaching God´s side more secure by kneeling before Him today with our hearts in our outstretched hands!


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