How To Get To Heaven

To think that we must work out our faith in God amongst ourselves and with other people, we are sadly mistaken. If we latch onto the nearest church and expect it to right all eternity for us, we are more lost than we can imagine. The ways of God and the ways men find to get things done are always contrary. To get close to God we first need to know we don´t have Him. If we can sense that there is a presence that is missing, Someone just outside of our awareness, then our hearts can make the steps it will need to find our Savior. Speaking to other people or listening to them may help us. But the real efforts must be determinedly focused in a completely different direction! We must incline our thoughts, our prayers, our hearts, and our very lives directly to Christ!  If we come near anything today, it should be to our Redeemer. If we gain anything today, it should be a more intimate walk with the Lord!  If we reach any lofty peaks, let them be in a new awareness and new intimacy with our dear and beloved Savior! If we have any crazy thoughts of gaining eternity, let us get to know and love the Eternal One!


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