Our Standing With God

Oh, so much of human endeavor and Christianity these days chases after goals that get us nowhere. We strive to perfect our natures by hard work or desire, all the while forgetting that the only way to grow perfect in spiritual terms is to grow closer to the Son of God. We study what the experts say but never dream of sitting humbly at our Savior´s feet and listening to Him. We race off to get work done for the Lord never considering if there is work in our hearts that need attending. We pray our fancy prayers and rush to get up from our knees before any connection has been made or God´s great heart has had time to instruct us on where He is working today. We charge off thinking we will do much for the very God we have not spent any time with. If only we could hear God calling us close to Him! If so, we could invest in our relationship and know where He is working today.


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