The Step We Need To Take

The notion that we are already saved and set free from any need or desire to grow closer to Christ is dangerously false! What makes it dangerous is that it is almost true. A person who has inclined their hearts towards the Lord has found salvation through their by turning those hearts to Him in belief. But, what the notion hides from us with cunning deceit is that it lets us stop working on the relationship of faith that should begin building and increasing from that moment on. Dark powers greater than we can imagine will work unceasingly to cultivate this illusion and effectively keep us from coming to walk with the Savior as closely as we will need to become the tried and true children of God. Our hearts, in their fallen nature, will lend easily to any notion of comfort and will go along with the idea of letting down the guard and sitting back in comfortably ease. It will take an aggressive faith these days to see the plight that we face and choose to go the extra mile to labor diligently until our walk with the Savior is mature. We cannot rest at ease as long as we live in enemy territory. We must press forward daily. We need to seek the Lord today like it is the only day we have left to make our bond between Him and us secure!


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