All His Servants

A voice came forth from the throne, saying, “Give praise to our God, all you his servants, you who fear him, the small and the great!”  Revelation 19:  WEB

When Grandma was still a teenager she left her village in the hill country to go to work in the city. Back in those days, there were not a lot of jobs that a young inexperienced lady could apply for. But she was humble and a hard worker. She worked for a wealthier family who took her on to help around the house. It was not the most prestigious position. It was not a glamorous job. She was treated well enough but her work was almost that of a servant. But she was happy to have work and did her best to please her employers and the God she worshipped. It was there where she met her husband and they started their life together. Many years later she still happily serves her grandchildren, her children, and whoever else she can help.

There is coming a day when a great voice will come from the throne of God. It will mark the moment that all God´s servants will praise Him as His mighty plan of redemption is finally finished. All those servants will be able to rest from their diligence and their work. It will be a day of praise for the Master! There are many people nowadays who care nothing for a humble heart. Too many serve nothing but their own desires and dreams. But the blessed souls who have learned the joy that we may share in serving the Lord will have the greatest season of rejoicing ever imagined. We will be called to receive the reward of entering the Father´s house and staying with Him forever!

Dear Lord,

Take these hearts and take our hands. Let us serve You and work along with You in Your great plan to bring Your children Home. May we all meet up to sing Your praises, we pray!



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