Belief That Saves

We were warned by Christ and prophets alike that these last days would be full of false teaching. We should not be a generation of people who wander around blindly and let them fool us. Anyone who will ever pat us on the back and encourage us to step out in our own strength of will and cleverness, should be regarded as a wolf and avoided. We need theSavior. We need the Holy Spirit. We need to seek God in the daylight hours and in the dark. We should recognize the instant someone tries to sell us some notion that would steal away our dire need for God. The moment we become aware of the heresy, we should run away and find a place to be alone with the God we know we need. The churches have stood too long in the company of the nations around them and grown accustomed to their idols. We cannot afford to let our hearts go out to such traditions as loving money, prestige, or anything else that would keep us from seeking the Lord all through our day! We are living in dangerous times! Let us get back to the kind of belief in God that brings Him into each moment and makes us need Him more!


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