Too Few Seek God

If you have never stood broken and undone before the throne of grace, you have not yet experienced God. If we say that we know the Savior Jesus Christ, but never have made a painful journey of the soul to find Him, then we are just spouting words. Modern religions encourage us to say that we know God if we merely come to a mental conclusion that He exists. But that step is the smallest and the easiest one to take. Immediately after we open ourselves to the fact that God is here and sees all, we will be led into a wilderness of the soul. There, without anyone else who can do our searching for us, we will be asked to step in faith. We will need to reject what the world hands to us and choose the Lord to rule our spirit in every way. We must make a complete turn-around in who we are. Instead of being confident in our intelligence and strength, we will need to walk with the Son of God. He will be the strength and the smarts that we will use from then on. But the good in us does not proceed from us, it is always His and He pours it only on those who walk closely with Him


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