Need God the Most

The field of religion is usually marked by very outspoken people telling the world that they are the privileged ones who know God. However, if we stick around long enough and observe, the more we listen, the more we see that these loud individuals are quite in love with themselves and they have found a way to get attention from others by using the name of God frequently. Christ exposed this false spirit of worship when He had to deal with the Pharisees and the Church of His day. If we listen carefully to His instructions we will see that the kind of people who will know God are the ones who have learned to need Him, walk through their day with Him, and love Him at any expense of their own lives. The person who needs the Savior more will be the one who is focused on Him while others are merely flattering themselves. If we would have anything to do with God, let us find an honest need within our souls to be nearer to Him and looking for more of Him all the time!

See Matthew 5 and Matthew 10


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