The God of Miracles

The need to reason God into existence is only proof that we have bowed breathlessly before the burning bush. The humble souls who have met the God of wonders will gladly testify to the mysterious nature of our Maker. The God of all the universe will always leave any man or woman undone when they realize that He is near and that He is moving. He will never be a deduction that we make nor a psychological conclusion we come to. He will forever remain higher than our highest notions. We may study Him for an eternity and when we do, there will be more discoveries to blow us away each day! The beings that are said to stand in His presence know more than the rest and fall down to praise Him for the wonder that He Is! We will get much further in our knowledge of God by throwing up our hands and declaring,

“Oh God, thou knowest! Let us approach Your throne we be thrilled and amazed by Your mysteries each day!”



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