Disguised Fruit

The Bible describes our earliest beginnings as people being tricked into letting our eyes and our hearts turn away from God. It might seem right to some to blame one fruit or one man for our treason. But, there are many different fruits in the garden of life and too many have the potential of drawing us further from the Lord. We need to recognize that our religions are subject to the enemy’s attack and if dark qualities of argument and strife can enter our hearts. When they do, then we have fallen prey. Being aware of darkness´s interest in spoiling our faith, we can be vigilant and diligent in making sure that sourness does not enter in. Strife and quarreling amongst the churches, pointing fingers, and comparing should never enter our hearts. Pray that we all keep our eyes and our hearts on the Lord Jesus Christ! Let´s walk as closely with Him wherever He leads us in love!


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