The Christian Mission

Many churches are saying that all we have to do to make ready for Christ´s second coming is to preach of Him until everyone on the planet has heard. Our Lord did say that this would happen before the end but it was never the emphasis of His teaching. Jesus taught with great directness that we were all under grave responsibility to make more of God and less of this world. Instead of grabbing just a few of His words and running out into our world with them , we were to use them to point our hearts ever more fully Heavenward. So, while still holding our spirit of sharing the faith, let us each drive our hearts hard after our Lord and Savior. Let´s get to work on drawing nearer to God and more deliberately into His presence!  If we can walk more intimately with Him, then His presence and power will display itself in our life and our message. Let us work for the right result because one will assure us of standing before God one day, and the other could distract us from our real mission until it is too late!


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