The Great Journey

While the world is all involved with successes, the pilgrims who are headed towards their Heavenly Home have a different plan altogether. Those souls who have discovered how to get to a destination that is worth it, know it will be a great journey. These wise, yet humble people will not settle for the fancy cities and social retreats we find around us on the way. They set their hearts on the City of God, the True Tabernacle, the Dwelling Place of the Divine. There is a yearning deep within them to rest not until they can find their rest in the arms and presence of God. Getting there will consume them and drive them hard along the Way. They will seek to have a Guide and a Friend. They will need their Guide and to know the One they call the Way. Each upward step will be worth any pain or price or sacrifice. They are making the great journey Home to the Father. They will walk with His Son! These will be the precious souls who will see His face because they have made it their mission in life! Let us take the steps too that will bring us surely unto the Lord!


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