Everyone alive knows how painful and humiliating it is to be fooled by someone else and robbed of something that could have been theirs. It is a fact of life that there are souls that prowl on others just looking for a way to take advantage of them or drag them down in some way. It hurts to have what should be ours somehow tricked away from us. It is unfair that devious hearts take their pleasure in stealing from us only because they can. However, when we look at our situation in the light of eternity, our losses could be infinitely greater. We well know that God has held Himself out to us. He has asked for us to turn to Him. Anything in this world that would rob us of our chances of drawing near Him has the potential to trick us into losing what we cannot afford to lose. Our place in the Father´s Kingdom will be lost if we are not aware of the deceit. Let us be on our guard and make every effort to keep what should rightfully be ours. Let us get close and stay so close to the Lord that we will never lose our chance of being with Him forever!


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