A Beautiful Day for God

God is moving in mighty ways in and around us right now. As we speak, some hearts are on the brink of feeling the thrill of exhilarating awareness wash over them. They will sense the presence of God all around. His Spirit will feed them and fill them. There will not be a shadow of doubt within them as to how near the Lord is, because the evidence will overwhelm them. We could be among these blessed ones! We could be the ones who sense the Holy One near! We could be the ones whose hearts race and whose souls feel like they cannot contain all that is washing over us! Our Father wants it to be us. Do we? Let us go after the Lord. Let us seek Him as He sought us! Let us find in our hearts the same desire that moved Christ to leave the comfort of Home to come and give His life for His lost little sheep. If we can seek Him with a similar passion, He will surely be found by us. Prepare these hearts, Lord! We want to be filled!


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