What Matters Today

The world can come or go as long as we get one thing right. If we press on past all the distractions and speculations and get to know the Lord, then all our worries do not have to trouble us any longer. Walking through this life and our day with the Savior assures us of a favorable outcome. Troubles will threaten each of us as long as the world is left to run its course. But with our eyes on Jesus, with our hand is His, with our attention on the Lord, the obstacles and setbacks will not have to affect us. We can plod on a steady course towards our Father´s outstretched arms as long as He is what we are focused on. Great power in Heaven lies on our side as we turn our gaze away from the insanity and atrocities we face here. The Lord Himself is our strength when our day is devoted to drawing nearer to Him. So, seek the Lord while He may be found! He is what we will need in our lives, in our days, and even all throughout this very day!


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