Where We Stand

There lies a vital weight upon every single day, no matter how monotonous or hectic. We can see this struggle that we call life as something quite different than it truly is. We may look at only our desires, our goals, our dilemmas, and leave little or no room for the one thing that we should be set upon. All else in life is secondary to this one thing. Where we stand with the Savior of Our Souls is what really matters. This is not to say that the other issues and facets of our day are unimportant, but they should never crowd out or run ahead of where we stand with the Lord. If we manage to get real close to our God, then every other thing in life will be affected, correctly seen, and fall into its proper place. If we do not pay careful attention, we may find that instead of seeking our Lord as if our lives depended on it, we could have sought everything else in our lives before turning to Him. Let us make more of Christ and where we are with Him right now. Then let every other thing in life be flavored and colored by that sweet walk we have with the Lord today!


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