Encounters With The Holy Spirit

Skeptical men and women effectively prevent themselves from having one of the most overwhelming experiences available to us. In their disbelief or at least their lack of belief, they do not bow down before an altar deep within their souls. Humble people from every age, however, have placed themselves and their hearts where the Holy Spirit can move into their conscious awareness. When this magical event happens, mortal man experiences a phenomenon of unimaginable proportions. Our hearts and our minds become inconceivably small receptacles to contain all that floods over and into them. Biblical writers threw themselves on the floor knowing that they would surely perish if not for the grace of God. In these moments eternity is opened for them to gaze into. The All-knowing, All-powerful God is felt close to the unworthy soul. It can make a brave soul tremble. It can thrill the heart to levels that one never knew could exist. Just the slightest and briefest moment realized in the presence of God is worth more than a lifetime of accumulating our greatest thrills. If anyone would like to have their heart lifted, let them seek to experience the presence of our God! When the Spirit comes near, it will be the best thing that ever happened to us! Be careful though, it may set your life on a determined course for seeking more of Him!


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