The Treasure of Spirit

The blood of everyone under the sun boils as they lust after the things that they would have. For some, it is the accumulation of wealth. For others it is fame. Still, others choose to seek wisdom or skills. Some people ask for less but still chase comfort or the company of those they choose. But the one thing that remains above all other pursuits is the pursuit of the mysterious Spirit of God. There are a precious few that have been enlightened enough to realize the worth of having God visit us in Spirit. They have discovered a treasure that makes all else worthless in comparison. Even the slightest awareness of the presence of God here with us or within our hearts will fill a person like nothing on earth.  They will know such a joy that no imprisonment, persecution, nor death can remove. A person who has been visited by the Holy Spirit, and has gladly let Him wash over them, will not need any of the lesser pursuits for their ultimate happiness. In God, they find all their treasures preserved. The sweet Spirit of the Lord moves in and around them with purpose and power unexplainable! Let us seek the Treasure of all Treasures! Let us give anything and everything unto the greatest pursuit of the Spirit of God!


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