The Greatest Challenge

Unlimited is the number of goals that we are told to seek these days. Some are more beneficial than others. Even when considering something so serious as our eternal fate, we will find varying and enticing opinions. So many are the voices asking us to think like them or accept their goals, that we could start to lose interest or give it up as impossible. But, some have found the Truth. To them, it is not so complicated. The challenge will be great, so great that many will not go on to accept it. This is not because it is an impossible thing to do, but because of the millions of distractions that exist that are designed to rob us of reaching our Goal.

The greatest challenge is for each of us to realize our need for God, to turn away from walking alone, and to seek to be where the Lord is. This does not mean fulfilling some duties or having a seat with our name on it in the local congregation. But rather, that we actually make this journey of the soul. We need to get FROM wherever we are in our world, and INTO THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD. This was the call of Jesus Christ. This was the encouragement of the entire Word of God. Every prophet and every apostle, gave their lives to help us see our immediate need to set our hearts on building our relationship with God.

The challenge is great because even if we do realize that together with the Lord is where we should be, we will soon find that everything on earth will stand in our way. Even the darker parts of our hearts will try to lead us away from achieving any closeness with our Savior. A million distractions would rob us of our time to be with Him. It will take determination and a great deal of vigilance. We will have to sacrifice all that others chase in this world. We will have to look to the Lord first. The world will not take kindly to losing our attention. But, for the blessing that follows, we will press on! God can be ours. We can come to know Him. We can walk with the Divine. Those who say He doesn´t exist have never fallen breathlessly before Him. They do not know what they are missing. They have never felt His arms enfold them and know that they are safe in His embrace of love. They have not been awakened to the realization of His immediate presence and felt how insufficient we are to capture all that He is. They have not chosen forgiveness and instead, cling to their skepticism and doubts. They would exchange having a loving Heavenly Father, just to defy and say that their opinions are better. Oh, if they only knew the peace and happiness that comes from knowing our dearest Friend is here!

It is a scary world when you do not have a Friend that can see the hidden dangers. It is a short life when all you have to count on is what you can accumulate in your day. Yet the humble needy souls who seek the presence of the Spirit are filled each day. Those who turn their back on the popular beliefs and the self-congratulating crowd still set out in a constant search of their Savior. They look for Him everywhere He may be found. They will look for those precious moments to spend with Him in the quiet moments of the day. These will know love like no others. These are blessed in the eye of the Lord! Let us accept nothing short of coming so close to God that we are aware of His presence here with us. Let us accept the greatest challenge and seek to come unto God today!


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