Budding Stars of God

The man or woman who has chosen to turn their attention towards the Lord becomes a special creature in the making. Once a child of the pursuits of this world, they set their sights on meeting up at the feet of their Father in Heaven. Their goals begin to change as their natures undergo a marvelous rebirth. The believer could stop at any moment and conform to the level of higher morals or interests. But the true children of the Lord will not be able to convince their hearts that they have enough of God just yet. They will press forward in hunger and thirst for more. These precious gems in God´s eyes have found a love in Him that cannot be matched here on earth. For their prize, they will choose to be granted a clearer picture of the Lord each day. They become addicted to the blissful feeling of closeness that they start to share with their Savior. So sweet is this mutual desire between the Spirit of God and the spirit we have in us, that God can only be pleased that He has found children in our day that would seek to be His! Let it be us!


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