More Intimate, More Spirit

Much of what goes into Christianity these days has grown out of man´s effort or our wisdom. This is not what God intended for His children to seek. All of our dealings with the Lord should stem directly from our contact with Him. We are not called to go here or do that. We are called into a relationship. That relationship may bring a lot of coming and going, and a lot of doing or not doing. But, these will always depend on our walk with the Lord. Each individual, from the greatest to the least, should be so tuned to our Savior, that every step we take is flavored by our walk with Christ. If we would only see that to call ourselves God´s own, we should be enthralled, enveloped, enamored with our God. If we would say that we look to Him, we must turn to Him. We must go to where He is found. We must leave any comfort, every distraction, and see to it that Christ is found by our souls. This process is not done by throwing words around. It is performed by careful cultivation of our relationship with the Lord. We can only be filled with as much of the Holy Spirit as God has been pleased to place there by walking that closely with Him. So, let´s leave speculation and cleverness to the rest, and get down to cultivating our walk with the Lord!


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