To Witness Miracles

We hear that God is a God of Miracles. This should mean that we are open to the fact that He can do amazing things that we would never be able to explain. Mystery, wonder, and awe are our portion when we stop to consider all that the Lord has done, is doing, and will still do in the future. Proud people who sit back in judgment or skepticism may never get the opportunity to witness first-hand a thrilling act of God. But those who are capable of humbling themselves and looking up in wonder may get to see Him at work. Wherever God moves marvelous things are sure to happen. God is working in millions of mighty ways each day. It takes an observant and seeking soul, but we can join a privileged small crowd of awe-inspired worshippers who will be able to testify to what God is up to. The first step would be to get the world out of our focus and determinedly direct our focus on Him and His Spirit. Then, further humbling and opening our hearts towards Him will allow His Spirit to fill us steadily more. The greater our awareness grows, the more wonder will be opened up for us to see! The more of God´s movement we are able to sense, the greater wonders He will be able to share with us. Oh, for more who would hunger after the Lord in such a way that His hand could be displayed in their lives! Pray that we will be the awe-struck witnesses to what God is doing today!


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