The Spoiled Image of God

If we take a look around us today the general trend is to downplay God or remove any importance He may have in our lives. Modern philosophy would like to reduce Him to any number of outdated theories or some ludicrous sentiments. Some societies may tolerate the mention of Him as long as it doesn´t make any demands on them or their conduct. Even many of the churches may sell him in some form or another but not as someone we could ever know like we know another person. Yet, with all the attempts towards wiping the Savior´s name from our planet or at least weakening our opinion of Him, there are still a few people who will resist the general trend of our times. We are told that there will remain a remnant that will not lower their sights but will strain to look beyond. Some will bow on bended knees. Some will search the Word, their souls, and the realms we cannot see. Some will not rest with the powerful arguments, the slanderings, or the distractions. Some will do whatever it takes to come to know God for themselves and seek the Savior of our Souls. Pray that God will still find some who are looking for Him in our day!


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