Questioning If God Is Good

People who have had children will understand that although they want only the best for their young ones, they just cannot keep them from making mistakes or falling into painful situations. We can see that there is light and a lack of light. We know that some things are fun and others are not so fun. There exists happiness and also sadness. And an honest person should be able to admit that some things are good and others are bad. We might also be able to see that there is a terrible evil at work and will stop at nothing to stand in the way of anything loving and kind. Much of this we accept without dispute, but some people still try to withhold their trust from God because they think He should never allow evil to exist. We may be asked to take the Lord at His word to say that God is good, just like children will have to take their parents at their word when they say they are looking after their best interest. Yet there are still parents today, who will find the need to let their children suffer through a process of instruction in the hopes of preparing them and protecting them for this difficult life. They live along with their children through the pain to make sure that their future will be more secure. It might not hurt us to give God a little more credit for trying to be a good Heavenly Father to us.


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