God´s Kind of People

It might not be trendy these days to talk about God, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit. The enemy has won giant battles over people´s general impressions of religion. Even inside of church circles, fewer people are striving to get past the catchy phrases, popular doctrines, or clever arguments. But blessed be the name of the Lord! There will be a few who sense something stirring deep in their soul! They will hear a still soft voice calling them home! They may not be the loud or proud, self-righteous ones who talk boldly of their faith. The might even be the ones who retreat to some lonely place where they can find a way to be alone with their God. But, their searching hearts will be filled. They will be given strength to face the storm that threatens to wipe from the earth every last believer in Christ and our Heavenly Father. We can choose and whether we give it importance or not, we certainly are choosing what kind of people we will be. Let the Lord have His chosen ones who will still seek Him and want to spend time with Him today!


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