Desire for God

Although rare in our day, you can still come across a person who has defied all the odds and has broken into the presence of God. These are the ones who would not give in to clever arguments against believing in God. They are also the ones who refused to accept religion instead of a vibrant encounter with the living God. These hungry souls needed to taste for themselves what meeting the Lord was really like. They thirsted for more than the low level of spiritual content our current trends are selling us. Somehow, that quiet, and hardly detectable voice of the Spirit that calls us into the arms of our Savior, was allowed to grow until they could hear their call to come unto Him. These gems in the crown of God would seek more than the song, they want to know the Wonder that the song sings of. They crave not for the verse alone, but for the mysterious Friend that holds out His hand to us through it. The desire to know God may hardly be detectable for most people. But if we sense the spark of desire to seek the Lord today, let us kindle it until it fans into something that will be eternally rewarding!


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