The Price

We spend our money each day on the things that we think will make us happy. We know that it will not last and that soon we will be looking at other things. But, we don´t care. Some take the future more seriously and spend their money more wisely thinking about what is yet to come. They may invest in their future wealth, comfort, and even education. Self-help books and courses may do a lot for these people. During our lifetimes we have seen more and more people fall away from a belief in God. Or, if they say they believe, they continue living like the rest of the people around them living and spending as if this was our highest reward. Modern trends in thought scoff at those who are so ancient in their thinking to put all their hope in a Savior that they can no more prove than we can. But, while we laugh at their crazy notion that Someone loves them and has gone to the cross to show us that love, they have comfort and a Friend. While we would spend all that we have on things that perish along with us, a dwindling few will still face the world´s disdain. These eternal optimists will run the risk that our judgmental opinions will not hold up when the truth is finally seen for what it is. They will hold on to hope in Jesus Christ and if they can only draw near Him, then they will be better people and hopefully His forever! What price are we willing to pay?


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