Don´t Give Up On God

If the churches, the religions, or all of the Christians you know have not been able to bring you into an awareness of God, it does not mean that He doesn´t exist. It only means that the most important and exciting event of your life hasn´t happened yet. The moment God finds a soul open and eager to know Him, He can move. When God moves into the realms of our conscious awareness, we had better be prepared to be blown away! It is sad to say that way too few Christians today ever take their religion far enough to actually find themselves in His presence. But the ones who do will testify. They have met with the frightening reality of God. It has moved them, humbled them, thrilled them, and even scared them. When the sensation of the nearness and greatness of God overwhelms an individual, they almost always are so undone by what they experience that they will find no words to express it. But, this life-changing experience will be sought again by that believer like an addict needs their next fix. To know a God, so mighty, so wonderful, and a love so much deeper than anything we have seen becomes the wondering new pilgrim´s quest. Please don´t poke a stick at something you have never tasted. Rather, choose for yourself today if you would like to experience something you will never forget! Get into the presence of God and you will not regret it! Ever!


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