The Goal

Ever since mankind has walked the face of the earth there has been an evil force that has tried to trick us into believing wrongly about our real situation. We were created creatures with a high and privileged purpose. That purpose was to share a pleasant and respectful relationship with the One who made us. From the very first people, we seem to know deep down that God is calling to us and wants a certain reaction to His gestures of love. But somehow, we are deviant souls that would rather listen to the world around us instead of directing our gaze beyond all this and focusing on the Divine. Many march right out into the garden that was made for us to walk together with our Lord without much more thought for Him. We use the very gifts and blessings graciously given to us to spend our inheritance on careless living. Or, by some twist of the facts, we band together under a certain set of doctrines and pretend that we are doing what God has called us to do by hiding under a bush called Christianity. There under the spreading leaves of doctrines, rituals, and opinions, we try to forget our nakedness. But the human goal was to engage with God. We were made to share our time with the Lord and devote to Him the most secret and intimate parts of our souls. Let´s make it our goal today to rise to a whole new level in our relationship and our walk with the Savior! Then He can show us what´s next!


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