The God-Conscious Life

It is a pretty rare thing these days to find a soul alight with their love for God. There are plenty of fanatical individuals who talk big about their religion and never cease to talk about Him. But the ones we are talking about here are often quiet ones who somehow seem to have broken into the presence of God and their lives speak for them. When they open their mouths it is not to draw attention to themselves, but to express the wonder and the adoration they are flooded with. These beautiful saints are special because they learned a secret that many of our churches have not given us. The precious soul that tunes itself to the presence and movement of God only reaches that lofty height by a determined effort of will. Perseverance in prayer and active searching of the soul is necessary if any of us will break through in conscious awareness of God. And, to remain enough to the Lord that His presence is evident means that the humble believer is so touched by their encounter with God that they will hunger and thirst each day for more of their beloved Savior. We can rise to unimaginable heights today in our walk with the Lord. The question is, how driven do we want to be with our desire for Him!


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