Find Hope

Every person alive needs to know they are worth something to someone else. We all need to know that our lives have a purpose and it helps to know where we are headed. When we cannot find answers to our questions about these vital elements to our well-being, our lives are an immense struggle and we never find any peace. There is hope for those who recognize our needs and set that hope on the One who promises us the answers. Even if we cannot see God, He has the power to provide us with all the peace, reassurance, and love that we could have ever hoped for. Those blessed souls who have turned to seek Him as their answer no longer need to worry. In setting our hearts and our attention on Christ, He takes that heavy burden from our shoulders. Instantly we are free to enjoy our new pursuit, and that is coming to know the Divine in a living reality. Does it take faith? Sure! Does it require us to humble ourselves and admit that we do not have all the answers? Yes! But, with God, we can find peace in our lives today. With Christ, we will have a mighty Friend to walk with through everything from now until eternity! If we are looking for a new outlook on life, let us make our hearts seek the Lord first and start enjoying the benefits right away!


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