Having Someone To Thank

We could be tempted to think of the physical world as if it held itself up and maintains itself on its own. We might like to think that the mysterious thing called life has the power and wisdom on its own to create itself and fend off every threat. But we would be rejecting the thought of the careful planning of a sustaining Power. Despite the current trend to downplay God or defy His existence, some humble folk still turn to Him deep in their hearts. There are a few, even in this late hour, who listen to the weight of the arguments against Him and then seek out a quiet place where they can bow humbly to the Unseen God. They seek a growing awareness of the Mysterious Spirit that others choose to ignore or try to do away with by mistrusting His existence. To each his own, but those poor searching souls do find peace and hope! We all are free to choose what kind of spirit we want to live with. If our chosen beliefs cannot give us much hope or gratitude, we might want to humble ourselves and pray for an awareness of the Almighty God that will bewilder us and thrill us forever! Some have experienced Him, we can too!


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