God With Us

There are so many marvels and wonders that any honest inquirer will find. But, the wonder we find in the story of Christ far surpasses them all. It has become a great divide in the children of man to this day. Some refuse to believe, others say they do. But the priceless few who take a step further are the ones who will receive the gift. There is still today a tiny remnant of professing believers who do not press their view on anyone else. When they come to contemplate the Lord, they drop to their knees. They do not seek to be convinced by fine argument or agreeing theology. They would rather seek something just as mysterious as a Baby born of God. These children of a burning heart, come to contemplate the Newborn King because, in Him, their hearts are stirred to wonder! They find they must bow before Christ and throw their hands up as there is no way they can take it all in. They throw their hearts out to God above because God With Us is more wonderful than we can assimilate. This is the true miracle of Christmas and an unfathomable sign of God´s love. If anyone would like to be blown away with a real miracle, let them encounter Jesus and come to know Immanuel for themselves!

See:  Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew 1:18-23


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