God First Sought Us

With the slightest opportunity that we may get today, let us each be moved to the core and let the great Gift God gave us by sending His Son to us, turn our hearts to seek Him again. Mankind has forever chased everything in this world except the loving Heavenly Father. We run after every other treasure and bow down to pay tribute to all the things we set our hearts on. But we are given a special reminder of how far our Lord has gone to try and show us His love. He has given us His Son. God worked no small miracle to turn the Divine into a Man and let Him be born of a virgin. When or if we stop to think, let these hearts of stone soften more than a little. Let it sink in and move us to a response likened only to the depth of love that His first gesture shows. Let these hearts be stirred to go out of our way, to be born anew, and to be offered unto God in gratitude. The angels will sing again, and all the universe will rejoice when they see that our hearts are seeking God with the same intensity that He first sought us!


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