Into God´s Presence

If we have felt the presence of God near us or moving in our day, praise the Lord! If we have heard the faintest whisper calling out to us to seek Him, praise His holy name! If we were touched by the Lord´s almost unseen gestures to engage with us, then let us pray that our eyes and hearts are opened. We could ask today for awareness of the mysterious presence of God. He is here. He is present. He is much nearer than we can imagine. It only remains that we are quickened back into spiritual graces so that we may enjoy the facts. It is not popular in our day. Some people may turn away from us if we talk about it. But, if we choose to turn to Christ instead of listening to the clamorous and opinionated world around us, we can be opened to the wonders of the Divine. God can move into our here and now. He wants to engage with us, to walk and talk with us. He longs to spend time with us when we are conscious of His presence and can revel in that moment. Our praises will rise. But they will not be just because we have heard that He is grand. Our praise and worship can go up towards Heaven because Heaven has made Itself known unto us! Our joy will be full when we come before Him now!


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