Tragic Loss

Some do not know anything about a personal encounter with the Almighty Creator of All Things. Others have heard and quite possibly attend some kind of church. But the sad truth is that far too many people go from birth to the grave and never really seek the kind of encounter with Him that will tear our reality apart. It is sad but true. But, then there does exist a few humble souls who have taken their belief in the Lord that far. They are the ones who have sought after the Savior until they have broken through the barriers that separate. They have opened their hearts Heavenward to such a degree that the Holy Spirit could move in them. He was able to bring them into the presence of God. This moment of enlightenment is like nothing our languages can describe. It is the most thrilling experience. It usually overcomes the wondering seeker and throws them to the floor. When the presence of God moves into the sphere of our awareness, His whisper begins to boom in our ears. Miracles happen. Hearts turn more fully to Him. Religion is merely rituals and theories until it successfully brings us into real contact with God. Let us seek our moment in the presence of the Lord today!


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