When We Wake Up To God

When a human being has an actual encounter with God, when they are made aware of His overwhelming presence, the moment is almost more than the wondering believer can take. In fact, those who have experienced it hold a new reverence for the Lord. When we realize that God is bigger than we had imagined, when we find out that He is right here with us now, it often throws us to our knees. Suddenly, the human soul seems far too small to receive all of the understanding of the Divine Presence that floods in and over us. Fear is one of the emotions along with the thrill that hits us like a shockwave and threatens to crush our hearts as we finally witness His infinite qualities in sharp contrast to our limitations. Love can be felt in unimaginable quantities as His grace and mercy are finally realized by our tiny minds. Let any seeker of God´s presence reach their goal and they will testify to the life-changing effects of having been awakend and having bowed there before Him. It is the one thing every person should experience in our lifetimes. And, once we have tasted it, we will want more!


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