Praises Rise

Beautiful things happen when we begin to praise God. Careful though, praising God does not mean that we throw out a string of superlative words to flatter loosely some distant and unfamiliar legend. Real praise is when a person has broken down barriers of skepticism and hesitation and has stepped close enough to the Lord to be moved by Him. When our Lord looms into view deep within our open hearts, the wonders of Him provoke our praise. Instead of the frivolous words of feigned love, our frightfully insufficient souls will pour out love and adoration to the degree by which we were moved. If the Lord has shown us much of His love, His power, and will to work in our lives, our praise will rise in intensity with matching proportions. We may experience the pain of not holding the right words for the occasion, but God understands the language of our hearts and receives the adoration that our aching hearts give. Mixed in with the words and sentiments we lift up to the One we praise will be many opportunities to thank the Lord for making us aware of His wonders and His presence. Let us all draw near enough to the Savior that our souls will rise up to praise our God!


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