Exchanging Me For Him

Everyone has their high moments and their lows. It is in these downtimes that we are often tempted to feel sorry for ourselves. Anytime we become overly preoccupied with ourselves we are sure to be far from God. Tough and painful times though can be blessings in disguise if they close the gap between us and our Savior. If our trying times make us lean further on the Lord, if they drive us to seek God´s will with greater intensity, then progress in our relationship will be attained. Closer to Christ will always mean that our standing in God´s great plan for us is looking better. In earthly terms, this may actually bring us into more trouble. To be a true follower of Christ will not gain us a better standing in this world. The Savior was unfairly persecuted and killed. His Disciples were too. If we hope for ease and pleasure in our walk here we can safely say that we should not follow them. But, if it is to have the pleasure of knowing God that we desire, if we are serious about walking with the Son, then let us embrace whatever the world will throw at us and let it make our bond with Jesus stronger and stronger!


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