Want To Know God

Some religions talk heavily about there being a God but never really try to bring their listeners into much contact with Him. The fact that fewer people all the time even want to consider religion is probably a reaction to this failure. The whole reason why anyone should ever worry about whether God is here or not is so that some of us will actually try to draw near to Him. If we sit back and listen to conversations about God, we will almost always hear the word “I,” quite a bit. Unfortunately, whenever “I,” or “we,” is our main concern, very little progress is ever made towards approaching our Unseen God. A sacrifice is still needed. It is not the sacrifices of old that work. God´s Son came and gave His life, now we should follow and give of ourselves. Few will care to try to make the effort. But those who will sacrifice of their selves will draw near to God. He is waiting and looking for humble souls that are yearning to be filled. We can be those precious ones who will encounter the Lord today. The prize is set before us. Let us come with open hearts and ask for strength to give whatever we need to today. God will reward those of us who truly want to walk with Him by moving into our lives, our hearts, and our conscious awareness. It is an experience that is well worth the sacrifice.


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