The Treasure Faith Gives

Faith is a magical key. Many people like to think of all the shiny things they will get with it. But, it is not something that allows greedy individuals to enter Heaven and possess all its spoils. Faith is a treasure in itself. Those who receive it already gain what their empty hearts needed. Faith turns our yearning souls to look in a completely different direction. Instead of wanting all the treasures worldly people seek, faith gives us Christ. It pours God into our hearts and sets Him up as our focus. He becomes our desire. It is most magical. It does wonders for the humble soul who receives faith. It frees us from chasing all that we chased before. Faith opens the unseen gates deep within us and allows us to enter into a relationship filled with unimaginable discoveries and delights. Faith is a blessing because it gives us what can truly fill our hearts, a walk with our Savior! Being allowed to draw near lets us be with the One who made and sustains all things through His wisdom and power. We can be with Him, and He will be with us!. So, let us each pray for the blessing that never stops giving. Let us ask for a faith that opens us up to Heaven and lets us begin enjoying the wonders of coming to know and walk with the King of Kings!


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